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Fred Schmidt-Arenales

Producer for short hybrid doc film

My name is Fred Schmidt-Arenales, I’m an independent Philly based artist / filmmaker looking for a Chicago based producer for a short film called Committee of Six. The project is scripted with documentary elements, please see synopsis below. The requirements are flexible: I need someone with experience but I am open to working with a producer earlier in their career, and I definitely want to encourage BIPOC producers to apply. This could be a good learning experience for someone looking to branch out as this is a scripted project being shot in a site specific and politically sensitive context: a producer with a narrative or documentary background might find themselves flexing new muscles.

It will be ~10 days of work and I can pay $500 - $1000. Scope of work will involve helping me find actors, and coordinating auditions, rehearsals, and a 2 day shoot (possibly with a live performance component on one of the days) in communication with my contacts at the University of Chicago.

Timeline: COVID-19 has made things unpredictable! Originally I imagined we would shoot June 2021 but that will be contingent on the availability of the location. The timeline can be flexible and to some extent work with a producer’s schedule.

Project Synopsis:

In the mid 1950’s administrators at the University of Chicago and community members in Hyde Park faced what they perceived as an existential crisis: predominantly white, upper middle class residents in the surrounding neighborhood were fleeing and Black people were moving in. The University created a special task force called the Southeast Chicago Commission (SECC) to address this ‘crisis’ and maintain the racial and class composition of the neighborhood. Drawing from University archives, this film will speculatively recreate scenes, meetings, and encounters from this history. The events and decisions made at the University of Chicago became a model for urban renewal by practically every other urban center in the US in the second half of the 20th century. The film depicts university officials and community members in Hyde Park as they laid the groundwork for a set of policies and practices that continue to define how urban universities relate to their surroundings to this day.

Link to sketch version:

Contact Info:
Fred Schmidt-Arenales
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicago