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Anna Rose Ii-Epstein


Role Description for Playwright/Dramaturg:


  • Co-facilitate 10 workshop sessions with participants to develop story and performance
  • Provide written workshop planning documents prior to each workshop
  • Provide a bi-weekly script development report
  • Develop a complete initial script draft based on the workshop material

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Strong written and interpersonal communication
  • Previous experience as a teaching artist or workshop facilitator
  • Previous experience with playwriting and/or devising for theatre
  • Knowledge of or previous experience with incarcerated people or carceral justice

This commission pay covers the workshop/devising portion of the collaboration and includes payment for workshop planning time. This initial phase will begin to formulate a series of stories that will be scripted into a 60-90 minute piece of theatre.

Project Description:

The War on Drugs Project (working title) for 2021 is to develop a new theatrical work based on the stories of people who are currently and formerly incarcerated. To that end, Nothing Without a Company is hiring both a playwright/dramaturg and a director/facilitator to co-lead writing workshops and improvisation classes with the Chicago-based non-profit organization Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change (ECCSC) to help facilitate the storytelling of real stories surrounding cannabis convictions and other related raps from formerly incarcerated people.

Taking inspiration from the monologue play, The Exonerated (2000), the goal of this project is to develop a full-length play from the solo narratives of people who have been or are currently incarcerated. By joining Nothing Without a Company’s devising process with the community- building processes of ECCSC, we will create a contemporary performance response that examines the war on drugs and its continuing impact on incarceration.

In addition to this central developmental project, other workshops will be held utilizing our practices of self-care to help develop the tools that communicate these stories. These include self-care classes (Tai Chi, meditation, and yoga) along with sharing circles that the community is invited to participate in.

Time Commitment: mid-July 2021 through December 2021 (Two 6 Hour workshop days per month)

All unique and original voices are welcome to apply! We support diversity across voices and creators, so we strongly encourage Black and African American people who have experience with previously incarcerated folks to submit.

What to submit:

1. CV or Resume

2. A proposal no more than 1.5 pages on how you would work with the formerly incarcerated community and develop the piece:

  • What speaks to you about this project?
  • What is your devising process/experience?
  • Describe your style/approach (models of working).
  • How would you engage the formerly incarcerated community?
  • What specific storylines/themes are you interested in exploring within this topic?
  • Any other information you wish to include.

3. (optional) Examples of past work – links to online content (videos, images etc), websites, reviews etc.

Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicago, WestSide