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Music Director (Youth Orchestra) - OPENING

American Youth Symphony Orchestra (AYSO) is currently searching for a conductor.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

- Serve as conductor for the AYSO ensemble.

- Rehearse the ensemble at its regular Saturdays 3-5pm rehearsals and conduct all performances (usually 2) during the course of the September – May season.

Job Description

- Determine season repertoire for AYSO in collaboration with staff

- Serve on the adjudication committee for AYSO entrance and seating auditions August/September and January and assist in determining placements and seating in the orchestra with the committee and AYSO staff.

- Maintain effective communication with AYSO members, parents, coaches, and staff including: Communicating rehearsal notes, instrumentation, equipment and library needs for distribution to members

- Assist in the development and implementation of a recruitment program in the local community through schools schools and their music instructors

- Designate possible guests artists for AYSO concert programs with budget considerations

- Assist in fund raising efforts and developing relationships with local and state governments, music organizations, and patrons and potential patrons, which relationships are intended to increase the exposure, opportunities and funding of the AYSO programs

- Assist AYSO staff in playing a visible and active role in the community; helps develop the overall public image of the orchestra in the community and beyond. Speak publicly when called upon to do so as an advocate for the AYSO and music education and provide leadership in the arts community as related to music education for youth

- Meet with AYSO staff to coordinate events, policies and artistic direction of the orchestra and programs

- Stay up-to-date on new music and of artistic activities in the youth orchestra field; recommend to AYSO staff new activities that may advance the orchestra’s objectives

- Collaborate with AYSO staff in developing long term artistic plans for the orchestra such as: subscription concerts, special concerts, chamber ensemble programs, tours, etc

- Perform other duties as necessary

Contact Info:
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Clarendon Hills, IL