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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Part-time ,
submitted by
Joseph Singer

Membership Coordinator-CLOSED-No longer accepting applications

No longer accepting applications; thank you.

This is a part-time, subcontractor position. The starting date is Dec 1, 2023. This agreement can be cancelled by either party at any time for any reason with 30 days notice. The description of the job is below:Primary Objectives

Grow our membership – studio and non-studioIncrease the value of membership

Overall Responsibilities in Priority Order

Make sure all private studios are filled at all timesDevelop programming that enhances the value of membershipBe the primary point of contact for membersAssist with website improvementDevelop and manage a continuous staff of interns

Detailed Responsibilities

Make sure all private studios are filled including expansion into 414 N. Wood St.Keep track of membership expiration dates and know when spaces will become available; stay ahead of vacancies by creating a que of members interested in studio space. Members will get first option on open studios.Post ads in Chicago Artists Resource and any other locations to recruit if no members are in line for a studioRespond to all inquiries sent to “” within the same business day if possible or no more than within 24 hoursSchedule and conduct tours with prospective members (studio and at-large)Evaluate and research membership rates versus competition to ensure FSC is getting what the market will allow.Process Membership Agreements (create, modify, obtain signatures, electronically scan and file in membership file on Dropbox)Have new studio members fill out and submit ACH authorization forms. File forms and send an electronic copy to all paperwork in the Member file on Dropbox and notify security card keys for new members, delete exiting members from the FSC website (or change membership status – artist legacy to a member at large) and collect their keys/pass cards.Establish clear expectations for Studio members to open studios on key dates (ie West Town Art Walk, Unity Night, Gallery Openings and JRac events). Work with Event director to establish priorities.Always ensure there are backups for all studio hardware keysProvide orientation for new membersWhen a member leaves, collect keys, inspect space, and inform so that the security deposit can be reimbursed.Establish and work with other art membership organization leaders and leagues to have combined art events at FSC and their gallery spaces.Develop programming that enhances the value of membershipOrganize member shows – work with members and staff to envision the shows, assign curators, participants, and other aspects.Work with Director, Events Coordinator, and Media Coordinator to envision and develop programs that make membership more valuable. Tap into membership to create interesting workshops or educational events that adds value to membership.Seek member volunteers to curate shows, enabling them to learn how to put a show/event together.Encourage non-studio members to hang work in designated areas.Enforce guidelines that members must adhere to hang art.Respond and address member issues of any kind, either by relaying them to the proper support person, or handling them yourself – this can include requests for keys, information, or emergencies.Organize and conduct member meetings as needed or agreed upon by the team. Currently held on the second Monday of each month.Think of creative ways to increase attendance at member events by making them fun and encouraging interactive participationDevelop communications as needed, coordinate with FSC MediaCommunicate to all members (studio and ‘at large’) current commission rates and changes. (Currently 70% artists/30% FSC on all art including prints). Assist with website development and content management including upcoming storeDevelop and manage a continuous staff of internsDevelop relationships with internship coordinators of the local fine arts schools so that they send us candidates every semester. Manage interns – assign projects, tasks, comply with school requirements.



Experience in other art administration or visual/performing arts environmentsMust have excellent verbal and written communication skillsSense of responsibility; willing and able to take ownership of the job and make it their own; you will have the opportunity to help define and enhance the job descriptionWell organizedLeadership skillsBasic knowledge and understanding of computer file systems, word processing, spreadsheetsDesired but not required:Mailchimp, Wordpress, Dropbox, Google Calendar

Estimated effort and compensation

Contact Info:
Joseph Lanasa
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Chicago, IL