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Make-up Artist for "Shrek - the musical" - Oak Lawn, IL

Looking for a Make-up Artist to help design and implement make-up for the production of "Shrek - the musical" at Richards High School in Oak Lawn, IL on May 7-11, 2019. 1. Make-up artist would be asked to come in for an initial consultation with each actor playing: Mother and Father Orgre Young Shrek Shrek Donkey Fiona (as Ogre) Fiona's Double (as Ogre) Pinnochio The Wolf Three Pigs Three Bears Dragon The White Rabbit Lord Farquad 2. The make-up Artist would then be asked to create a supply list. Production staff will order all supplies. 3. Make-up Artist would then be asked to teach the actors how to put on their make-up in a second consultation session. 4. Finally, the Make-Up Artist would be expected to arrive two hours before each performance to put the ogre characters into their make-up and to assist with other characters as need, and to assist with quick changes throughout the production. The Make-Up Artist would be compensated $50 per consultation and $100 per performance, for a total of $600.
Contact Info:
Carly Bishop
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicago - Suburbs