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General Music Teaching Artists Needed

1. Teach students basic music comprehension: steady beat, healthy vocal production, responsive movement, basic reading and rhythmic notation, critical thinking through music, and developing literacy through music.

2. Display substantial classroom management abilities with large class sizes.

3. Generate creative lesson plans with culturally relevant and age-appropriate activities.

4. Create a cohesive environment that teaches students how to share and work together.

5. Build rapport with school principals, vice principals, teachers and support staff.

6. Provide a safe classroom environment that allows students to take risks and evolve individually through music.

7. Keep accurate records of student attendance.

8. Document activities in connection to our FoM existing curriculum map.

9. Adhere to professional and workplace guidelines as required by Foundations of Music and Changing Worlds.

10. Participate in staff meetings and professional development opportunities.

Education and experience requirements

● Bachelor’s Degree required.

● Experience working with or teaching youth required.

● Teacher Certification is a plus, but not required.

● Demonstrate ability to teach by creating a lesson and demonstration in front of FoM and Changing Worlds staff.

Contact Info:
Umeki Ramsey
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicago