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Gallery Volunteer | Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Position description: Greet guests with a welcoming attitude, answer questions, and offer assistance / Be knowledgeable about the current exhibitions and any upcoming programing / Enforce guest compliance with museum guidelines / Be reliable and ready in the gallery space when your shift has begun / Participate in events and exhibitions openings / Provide occasional support to staff and help with tasks pertaining to daily needs of the museum, including administration, office management, marketing, retail and exhibitions as needed

Desired skills & qualifications: Interest in the Nonprofit museum field / Customer service skills / Strong written and verbal communication skills / Proficiency in Microsoft office programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) / Ability to work independently and creatively / Familiarity with Outsider, self-taught, visionary and folk art is a plus • Required Hours: Minimum one shift per week (at least 3 hours) • Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 11-6pm, Thursday 11-7pm, and Sunday 12-5pm

Contact Info:
(312) 243-9088
Job Type: Volunteer
Location: Chicago, IL