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Finance Coordinator

The Finance Coordinator is a key team player within Steppenwolf’s general management team. Reporting to the Finance Director, the Finance Coordinator supports the business office through accounts payable (A/P) management, payroll processing, regulatory reporting, HR payroll benefit processing and a high level of communication with constituents. This position is responsible for the processing of payroll on a bi-weekly basis which includes the maintenance of all related records and employee demographic, benefit, and compensation set-up. They are also in charge of weekly accounts payable processing, which includes vendor maintenance and administration of the related electronic requisition program. The ideal Finance Coordinator brings a high level of analysis, problem solving skills and a curiosity on how to make systems and processes better for users.

Areas of Responsibility:

Accounts Payable

Oversee and organize the receiving and distribution of payable invoices, including prioritizing invoices to ensure on-time payment

Create new and maintain current vendor profiles in MIP Fund Accounting system

Provide training to staff members responsible for using the Electronic Requisition (E-Req) system to request invoice payments

Process the payment requests submitted through E-Req on a weekly basis

Apply corrections to A/P sessions as advised by the Finance Manager

Print A/P checks for signing by the Finance Director, General Manager, and Executive Director

Coordinate the distribution of payment checks

Follow-up on unpaid invoices

Monitor volume of weekly invoice processing, tracking invoices to log those which were past due and/or paid on time

Report the findings of invoice monitoring to Finance Director in the form of monthly A/P Metrics summary documentation

Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll

Setup and maintain employee information profiles in Paycom

Provide training to staff on the use of Paycom and act as the main staff liaison for all Paycom user items

Process payroll on a bi-weekly basis for employees, according to pay schedules, and distribute paychecks accordingly

Administer employee benefit, deduction, salary/rate, and paid time off assignments in Paycom, as directed by HR Director

Terminate employee profiles in Paycom and issue final checks and vacation payouts, as directed by HR Director

Submit 401(k) payments electronically to Principal on a bi-weekly basis


File parking and sales tax returns, and maintain schedules of licenses, fees, and taxes to track timing and spending

Prepare and maintain schedules for annual financial statement audit, assisting the Finance Director and Finance Manager, as needed

Prepare and maintain schedules for tax filings, as needed

Respond to unemployment audits of vendors and employees

Work with Finance Director on financial reporting projects and special projects, as needed

Successful candidates will have:

Have knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office programs, with Excel being the priority

Have technological capability to quickly learn the Paycom payroll systems and MIP Fund Accounting systems

Possess excellent time management skills

Meet deadlines for payroll and invoice due dates

Pay great attention to detail

Exhibit good judgment and communication skills in dealing with vendors and employees

Be proactive in working with departments to meet deadlines for payroll and invoice due dates

Have outstanding written and oral communication skills

Steppenwolf gives preference to candidates who have demonstrable experience advocating for inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.

Commitment to working with diverse groups in terms of gender expression, race, sexual orientation, religion, ability, age, class, and immigrant status

Contact Info:
Solana Oliver
Job Type: Permanent
Location: 1700 N Halstead St, Chicago, IL 60614