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Alan Goldberg

Festival Manager

The GAAD Festival Manager is responsible for managing and running the Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival which takes place the third weekend of August in the Glenwood Avenue Arts District which is located in Rogers Park.

The position requires approximately 400 hours, primarily between February and August. Much of the work is coordinating an active Board of Directors who take the lead in fund raising, supporting the artist selection process, entertainment booking and festival layout. The Manager is required to coordinate all of these efforts, ensure that all aspects of the festival operations are addressed and fill in where needed.

A significant aspect of the job involves managing the details – artist applications and then acceptances, sponsor information, vendor applications and requirements, city permitting and licensing, overseeing the layout of the festival and managing the task list as the festival approaches. The Manager’s primary role culminates with the festival weekend and they are responsible for implementation of the plan. The Manager is required to be present all days of the festival.

The job duties are as follows:


Setting up offices and all communication outlets.

learn to use the festival software, which is currently ArtCall, to support the artist selection process and other features utilized for festival support

Manage a volunteer committee/board, who are each attached to one or more Fest departments: (Fundraising/Sponsorship, Infrastructure/Electrics, Entertainment, Artist Selection, Volunteers, Web/Marketing/Design, Festival Layout). Includes scheduling meetings and create agendas in coordination with committee leadership

Submit festival timeline with major milestones for festival preparation for Board and committee approval

Coordinate Food, Liquor, Entertainment and Artists Vendors

Secure all Equipment Rentals and necessary Supply Vendors

Secure, train and manage Volunteers, Security and any other Staffing Needs

With Layout Committee, create a festival layout

With Electronics Committee, coordinate all electrical sources and ensure festival needs are met


Coordinate & execute all City/State Permitting Paperwork

Coordinate or Secure Insurance Coverage for Festival Liability, Liquor Liability Dram Shop and Directors Insurance

Responsible for ensuring that all entertainment acts (bands, etc.) secured by Entertainment committee


Manage all financials (Quickbooks, Paypal, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable) of the festival

With the Board/committee, create a budget and be responsible for the budgeted expenses

With Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee, Coordinate all Sponsors

Assist in pursuit of grant opportunities


With Webmaster, coordinate all postings and online presence

Ensure that all sponsor web links and/or logos are posted on the website and/or ArtCall.

Coordinate all signage/printed materials

Point person for communication with exhibitors, sponsors general public and press.

Ensure effective communication to all community members regarding the Fest

Manage all advertising/social media for GAAD and GAAF

The Festival Manager will prepare period status and other reports and attend approximately 6-10 in person meetings with the Festival Committee, including one meeting after the festival. The Festival Manager reports to and works with the Board of Directors and planning committee to produce a free, safe and fun festival for all. Compensation:

Festival Manager is paid a flat fee of $12,000 for completion of the festival. Those amounts are paid in installments 6 equal installments on April 1, May 1, June 1, July 1, August 1 and the final installment is paid after the festival and after all post business is concluded. In the event of early termination, there will be no partial payment of the next installment amount.

In addition there is a bonus payable after the fest is completed. The bonus amount is $1,500 and consists of:

$500 based on keeping total expenses equal to or less than the Board approved expense budget.

$500 based on successfully accomplishing tasks timely based on the approved festival timeline.

$500 subjective bonus amount based on overall execution of fest, including timely communication with all vendors, sponsors and other parties. This portion of the bonus also takes into account Festival Manager effort and results during the weekend of the fest.

Contact Info:
Tom Rosenfeld
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Chicago / Rogers Park / Glenwood Ave Arts District