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Emily Leonard

Fantasy Makeup Teaching Artist

Description: Seeking a Stage Makeup teaching artist specializing in Fantasy makeup to assist with two 8th grade classrooms. Students will be working in groups to create creature designs using a combination of costuming and stage makeup, culminating in short (2-3 min) performances. This class is led by a costuming/puppetry specialist (already in place) and assisted by the school's art teacher and a 3rd Support Teaching Artist.

LOCATION: 2050 N. Natchez Ave, Chicago 60707


#STUDENTS/CLASS: 30ish (avg CPS class sizes)


Classes will be 8:15-9:15am on M and TU (Class A on one day and B on the other)


  • Feb 10/12
  • Feb 18 (no school M)
  • Feb 24/25
  • Mar 3/4 (NOTE: This is a TU/W)
  • Mar 9/10
  • Mar 16 (no school TU)
  • Mar 23/24
  • Mar 30/31
  • Apr 13/14
  • Apr 20/21
  • Apr 27/28
  • May 4/5 (TECH week 1)
  • May 11/12 (TECH week 2)
  • May 18/19 (extra week due to a break week TBD)
  • May 26/27 (PERFORMANCE-- TU/W due to M holiday)

BUDGET: $200/classroom for a total of $400 (Makeup budget only, there is a separate budget for costumes)


  • Each classroom meets ONCE per week. This means each class has only 10 class hrs before tech.
  • The school's Art Teacher will be present & actively working with the Teaching Artists at all times.
  • The Support Teaching Artist begins Mar 3 and continues through performances.
  • The 8th grade will have completed introductory Stage Makeup and Costuming units with their Art Teacher earlier in the year.
  • Students will be developing makeup look for characters for stories/fables being studies by the younger grade levels who will be attending as an audience. The goal is to be creative and use body paint (ie. the arm becomes a bird's head, or a snake's body) as well as faces to create characters.
  • We currently plan to use Snazaroo water-based makeup for budgetary reasons and to minimize allergy risk. Currently planning 1 Snazaroo Rainbow Face Paint Kit for each of 12 student groups, which will consume roughly $260 of the budget. The remainder is for brushes, sponges, and some single-color cakes for large area coverage. We are open to other suggestions, but our current research and prior knowledge suggest this is the best option for our needs.
  • IMPORTANT: There will be some class dates where the Stage Makeup teaching artists is asked to assist supervise Costume building rather than work with makeup. Experience with basic hand and machine sewing and/or clothing up cycling and crafting are a plus, but not required. Willingness to assist on non-makeup projects is required, though. Please do not apply if it will be an issue for you to spend some days assisting!

PAY: $40/hr, plus 15 min paid prep per class paid at the same rate. Comes to around $1,700 total for the residency assuming all hours are worked as scheduled.

IF INTERESTED: Submit cover letter, resume, contact information for 3 references who can speak to your experience working with youth, and makeup work samples.

Contact Info:
Emily Leonard
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicago, IL