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Executive Director Franconia Sculpture Park Full time position located in Shafer, Minnesota, 50 miles from the Twin Cities Metro Area Now in its 23rd year, our beloved arts organization finds itself on an exciting journey of transition and opportunity. For the first time since its founding, Franconia Sculpture Park seeks a new transformative leader for our organization. Overview of Franconia Our History Founded in 1996 by a group of visionary artists, Franconia Sculpture Park is a place where artists can be stimulated, challenged, and rewarded through the development and creation of sculpture within a supportive community. This founding vision continues to permeate the organization today, and has contributed to supporting nearly 1,000 national and international artists since 1996. This year, Franconia will provide fellowships and internships to more than 40 emerging and mid-career visual artists at our 43-acre sculpture park in the scenic St. Croix River valley. In total, Franconia hosts over 150,000 annual visitors with free daily access to explore 120+ outdoor sculptures. In addition, Franconia is completing a capital project. The Visitors’ Information and Education Center is a 6,000 square foot facility with a multi-functional space for meetings, classes and workshops, lectures, performances, special events, and gatherings. The facility will become a visitor’s first stop when coming to the park, and will include a reception area, classroom space, curatorial space, a full kitchen, accessible public restrooms, and administrative offices. Our Mission To provide physically and intellectually wide-open spaces where all are inspired to participate in the creative process. Our Vision We envision a place unlike any other: where artists may get fresh perspectives on their work during informal conversation; where a visitor may learn the context for an artwork directly from its creator; and where there are numerous opportunities for these kinds of spontaneous connections to happen in an inclusive, equitable and wide-open environment. The spark of these connections fosters deep engagement in our programs by artists and audiences alike - and adds to the vibrancy and quality of life of surrounding communities. Interactions among artist, artwork, and audience transform into a greater awareness of the world we live in, build an understanding for diverse perspectives, and inspire creativity. Our Work Franconia Sculpture Park is a leading American arts organizationdevoted to the creation and exhibition of sculpture in a singular location where artists can live, work, and exhibit their artwork. Through the residency experience, Franconia nurtures a global community of artists who benefit from peer-sharing and learning, which in turn creates opportunities to engage the public with diverse, high quality artwork and programs. Franconia supports sculptors and sculpture in the broadest definition of the art form and provides artists with a safe place to create without limitations. This environment supports resident artists in challenging artistic boundaries, personal limitations, and societal restrictions. Franconia is an open-air sculpture laboratory where artists are encouraged to experiment, take risks, and learn from challenges. At Franconia, artists from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds and artistic visions work side by side which fosters multi-cultural collaboration and learning among artists. The residency component at Franconia facilitates professional networks that spark future projects, collaborations, and academic opportunities. Adding to the synergy and innovation at Franconia is its rural setting in close proximity to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, which bridges the gap between urban and rural artists in a setting without the physical limitations of a studio environment. This freedom to create in an expansive outdoor space offers artists the rare chance to work in any scale they desire, engage with the public while creating art, and learn from other artists from around the world. About You You are passionatearts visionarywith a demonstrated track record to lead an organization with steady guidance through transformative change and growth. You have the ultimate responsibility for the smooth operation, the creative programming, the financial success and the overall strategic mission of the organization. Wide-open future possibilities in the art world excite you. You envision a plan to move Franconia from a seasonal arts outdoor laboratory into a year-round artistic community with the completion of the new Visitors’ and Education Center. You are an inclusive leaderwho is fully committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming culture of equity that provides opportunities for artists without regard for gender, race, sexual preference, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or protected status. You are driven to reach out to artists from marginalized communities and you work to create opportunities for them to take advantage of Franconia’s resources and creative community. You must be able to build community, cultivate support, and strengthen the financial abilitiesof the organization to fund the mission through traditional and creative methods. You are an experienced leader with solid project management abilities. You are an inspiring leader, comfortable with leading a staff of arts professionals in a collaborative manner. You are savvy enough to understand that arts organizations need both creative expression and operational excellence to succeed. You are an inspiring and inclusive leader and mentor. You are the unceasingly positive brand ambassador for 3-D art in multiple expressions. You will strengthen and deepen the programming that built our success and you will be a creative innovator who strengthens and expands opportunities for artists, art lovers, and art neophytes. You are adept and comfortable at sharing our mission and making the case for support of Franconia’s mission with potential funders, constituents and partners. You are not afraid to ask for large gifts in support of the organization. You are a collaborator. You are comfortable sharing Franconia’s resources with employees, artists, visitors, other arts organizations and neighbors. You see Franconia as a valued member of the nearby St Croix Valley and Twin Cities arts communities. You seek opportunities for partnerships that leverage Franconia’s mission and provide increased visibility and synergy for both Franconia and its partners. If you see yourself in this description of our next leader, we invite you to learn more by reviewing the following pages.
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Dorothy Goldie
Job Type: Permanent
Location: National
Tags: public sculpture, public art, sculpture, arts director, Executive Director