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Evan Borkstrom

Established Doors Tribute band seeks new frontman

We are an established Doors tribute band that has been active since 2013. We are looking for a new frontman to continue this project for years to come. We are all experienced and educated musicians who work full time- this band is a side gig for us, but we are all very dedicated to it. On average, we play a little over 30 shows a year (2-4 a month, busiest from May-September) but are open to increasing this number. We play mostly in and around Chicago, but also do a bit of traveling and have played in a total of 6 states around the Midwest. We practice less frequently when we are busy with gigs, but we do have a dedicated practice space in Orland Park.

An ideal candidate would be in their 20's/30's and would have some resemblance to Jim Morrison. We are looking for someone who is well-rounded (a multi-instrumentalist is preferred but definitely not required; your role would be limited to vocals only) and can capture the soft, crooning baritone just as well as the energetic, aggressive screaming that are both characteristic of Morrison's style. We like to replicate the sound of the original Doors to an extent, while also having the freedom to bring our own individual style into the project. We have a dedicated and growing fanbase, and they enjoy hearing the tunes as they were off the record just as much as they enjoy hearing us improvise to them while adding our own flair.

If you are interested send your information (photo and video/audio recordings), as well some times that you are available to audition. This will entail running through 4-5 tunes of our choice that will showcase a wide variety of vocal styles. The sooner the better- we already have gigs booked as far ahead as August of 2020!

Contact Info:
Evan Borkstrom
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicago