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Visual Art ,
submitted by
Richard Stasewich

Ebay Photographer

Looking for a photographer of items being sold on ebay. Primarily vintage toys which include Barbie Dolls, Action Figures (derivatives of the original GI Joe), HO scale model railroad building models and model railroad kits. Photographer would work in their own studio space. They could be coordinating with the person on the ebay website downloading photos and editing copy for the listings or do that part themselves. It would be ideal for two people who work in the same studio.

We can make images using both cameras and on a flatbed scanner. Tabletop photos for most items, and things that are packaged very uniformly flat like the Barbie fashion outfits are easy to do on a flatbed scanner,

For the best example of the type of photos just google "mrweasle" and our ebay store pops right up. Almost all the listings are for vintage lingerie. The only vintage toys right now are a few Mega Bloks Dragon sets. Your job would be to change that.Remuneration will be calculated as a percentage commission of the sales that you are responsible for posting. Your primary focus is making the images. Other components:

getting the basic info recorded Brand, Style Number, Size and Color, in that order. That is how all the items are sorted.

getting that info into the ebay listing format

getting the photos into the ebay listing format

pricing the item

folding, packaging and labeling the items that were photographed

getting the items to the inventory person

I use the term responsible for because you can do all of the work yourself or you can collaborate with others.

Typical would be making the images, primarily by camera. Your friend Tom does the computer input of the listing written portion, the title, description and such, and is the one who downloads your photos into the ebay site. You split the work evenly and split the income evenly. There are three ways that this can be structured

1) You can be responsible for the job and delegate the listing portion to Tom. You're responsible for his work and if Tom is an assistant that works with you regularly as an employee that's the best way.

2) Tom has a much better studio space that you prefer to work in so he handles the responsibility and the money.

3) We set up two job orders and directly pay each of one half of the commission.

Typical commissions for a listing run 10%-30% with an average at about twenty percent and fairly evenly split between the images and the computer input.

Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the sales price which is either a Buy it Now price or the final bid at an auction. It does not include shipping, taxes or any other charges and before deducting the ebay fees. Ebay fees are generally 12-13%. Unfortunately Ebay holds the money for several days before paying us. You and I, your friend Tom and anybody else who worked on that batch of items can then draw their own share from our account.

Generally the organization has someone to do all of the inventory and shipping so your responsibility ends when you deliver the items to them and they typically would receive another 10%.

And the owner of the merchandise gets anywhere from around 70% to as little as just under 50%.

Contact Info:
Richard A Stasewich
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: CubeSmart Storage 2647 North Western Avenue