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BASIC FUNCTION: Coordinates art movement for all special exhibitions and reinstallation initiatives connected to the department of European Decorative Arts in conjunction with organizing curators, collection manager, installation crew, registrars, conservators, museum facilities, and security departments. Performs the relocation and installation of art for the European Decorative Arts department’s galleries and storage areas. Provides basic care including maintenance of art objects and displays in storage and on exhibit, and performs location tracking using CITI. Supervises and assists in the preparation of artwork for installation or shipment. PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Responsible, in consultation with the curators and collection manager, for planning and scheduling departmental art movement and installations. Directs departmental art handling and moves art to and from galleries, storage areas, art packing, conservation labs, imaging studios, and museum special event locations. Requests installation and/or packing crew as needed for all art movement. 2. Performs regular maintenance of galleries, including dusting platforms and casework on a daily basis before museum opening hours. Places work requests and schedules work with Museum Facilities for the department, including painting, lighting, housekeeping, and casework. Represents department during in-house staff and contractors' work in galleries and storage areas. 3. Responsible for daily maintenance of objects in galleries and storage areas, including inspecting the condition of objects, labeling, and measuring objects. Under the supervision of Conservation, performs minimal cleaning tasks, such as light dusting, rinsing ceramics, and cleaning silver, and sometimes more sensitive conservation and related tasks. Supervises preparation of objects for display, including placing mount work requests. 4. Updates object location changes in CITI within 24 hours of art movement. Performs systematic location checks and inventories of gallery and storage areas. Ensures all security procedures are followed in galleries including temporary removal notices, proper securing of artworks to mounts, casework, and securing of storage areas. Responds as needed in case of art, gallery, or storage emergency. 5. Installs object labels for the collection and replaces existing labels in a timely fashion. 6. Handles objects, including mounting/unmounting for installation/deinstallation, storage, inventory, photography, conservation, or examination. Provides functional supervision of art handlers and packers in installing/deinstalling and packing/unpacking art as directed. 7. Places work requests with the Museum Facilities department when needed for galleries, storage, and special events (including committee and board meetings). Participates in organizational meetings in preparation for the installation of exhibitions, and reinstallation of existing galleries relating to the department. 8. Receives initial training in art handling from Registration and Conservation Departments, and participates in periodic refresher courses conducted by Registration and Conservation. 9. May act as courier for department. 10. Other duties as required. QUALIFICATIONS: • Experience handling works of art; ability to lift up to 50 pounds • Ability to multitask and be adaptive • Demonstrates initiative • Excellent communication and organizational skills • Works well in a team environment • Proficient use of Gmail and Gcal The Art Institute of Chicago is an equal opportunity, equal access employer fully committed to achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace.
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Chicago