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Athena Mayo

Clubhouse Mentor

The Clubhouse Mentorship is a program where we recruit Mentors to guide, to teach, and to build healthy relationships with the talented youth that we have. Mentors will be trained and have some freedom of exploration.

We are The Howard Area Clubhouse! We are an after school program located in Rogers Park on 1527 West Morse Ave. Our mission is to help our Young Talent discover their own potential, interests and creative talents for entrepreneurship and college/career readiness. Our participants come into the program to either train in eSports, explore cosplay, or understanding creative digital media for a post-secondary educational scholarship while learning STEM/STEAM-related fields and artistic careers such as game design, broadcasting, illustration, foam-crafting, and 3D printing.

What clearly defines a Mentor?

A Mentor is a person who has a caring, positive and ongoing relationship with one or more Members within the context of The Clubhouse. All Clubhouse Staff function as Mentors and sites also rely greatly on Volunteer Mentors.

Mentors, although unpaid, can receive college credit along with any of the resources we have here at The Clubhouse, as well as opportunities for college and/or career growth from our Clubhouse’s own network.

Each Mentor is different, and their tasks depend on the project and the department they are assigned to. Some Mentors work with one participant at a time, while others work with a group or switch between participants at any given time. The main goal of a Mentor is to best serve our youth the best way s/he can.

Role: The mentor’s role is to support their mentees by:

  • Empowering them to resolve current issues and to develop coping strategies for the future.
  • Provide a model for a healthy, trusting relationship through clear communication and setting appropriate boundaries in the Clubhouse
  • Acknowledging their strengths, talents, and gifts and encouraging them to find ways to use them.
  • Be an active listener and offer support and encouragement when appropriate.


  • Complete application process with resume and references.
  • Participate in bi-monthly/monthly training provided by the Mentor Coordinator.
  • Complete logs of progress, challenges, and successes via Google Drive that will be shared with the Mentor Coordinator.
  • Log in volunteer hours via the Volgistics app.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of participants.


  • Willingness to provide emotional, social, and practical support within limits.
  • Knowledge of one’s boundaries and ability to set limits with others.
  • Recognition that all people have strengths and they need to discover and use them.
  • Completed background check and orientation.

Time Commitment:

  • Prepare for, and achieve closure at the end of 3 months or other determined time.
  • Mentor time 1-2 times a week.
  • Must come in at least 30 minutes before the program begins for check-in


  • Howard Area Clubhouse, located on 1527 W Morse Ave


  • Monthly supervision/training groups provided by the Mentor Coordinator.
  • Individual meetings with Mentor Coordinator when necessary.


  • Make a difference in the life of a youth in your community.
  • Learn about yourself, personal growth.
  • Give back and contribute to the community.
  • Have fun!

If you're interested, you can apply on our website or email Athena Mayo, the Mentor Coordinator, to the email provided.

Job Type: Volunteer
Location: Chicago, IL