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CAMP COORDINATOR--Beverly Arts Center



The Beverly Arts Center, located at 2407 W 111th Street in Chicago, is searching for a Camp Coordinator to coordinate its Summer Arts Camp and Tots Camp. Looking for a strong self-starter with excellent communication skills, a motivated and independent worker, who can keep multiple plates spinning, while maintaining high quality in all work out put. This is a seasonal full-time job that reports to the Interim Director of Education. The job requires minimal hours September through May, and is full-time June through August.

As part of the School of Fine Arts at the Beverly Arts Center, Summer Arts Camp is offered in
six two-week sessions. Each session is themed to celebrate a different discipline of art. Camp
runs 8:30am-4pm Monday through Friday where campers, split into four different age groups,
move from workshop to workshop working with different Teaching Artists. Pre-Camp is offered
7:30-8:30am, and After Care is offered 4:00-6:00pm. Summer Arts Camp is from children ages
5-12. At the end of every two-week session the camp culminates in a professional theatrical
showcase onstage in the BAC’s Baffes Theatre.

Tots Camp runs in twelve one-week sessions, Monday through Friday, 8:30am-1pm, with an
extended day option to 4pm. Pre-Camp is offered from 7:30-8:30am with After Care 4-6m for
those parents who need a little more coverage. Tots Camp is open to children 3-5 years old, as
long as they are potty-trained. Tots Camp uses Teaching Artists to provide Creative Play, music engagement, hands-on Visual Arts projects, and continuing education in the fundamentals for
Pre-school children: ABCs, 123s, and real-world experience.

September through January – 10 hours

The Camp Coordinator designs the six two-week sessions of Summer Arts Camp and twelve
one-week sessions of Tots Camp, choosing the workshops in each. The Camp Coordinator
creates a budget for each session of Summer Arts Camp and Tots Camp. Once the schedule and
budget are approved by the Interim Director of Education, the Camp Coordinator shares the
schedule with Marketing to be placed in the Winter, Spring, and Summer catalogs. These hours
can be work from home.

February through April – 15 hours

The Camp Coordinator places ads on arts jobs webpages to hire the Teaching Artists to fill the
schedule for Summer Arts Camp and Tots Camp. The Camp Coordinator interviews the
Teaching Artists and fills the schedules by hiring the Teaching Artist. The Camp Coordinator
makes certain that employee paperwork has been filled out by all Teaching Artists and turned
into Finance. The Camp Coordinator creates a contract for each Teaching Artist and returns
fully-executed copies to the Interim Director of Education. These hours, except for interviews,
can be work from home.

May – 15 hours

The Camp Coordinator orders supplies for camp workshops and organizes these supplies into
storage bins in preparation for the beginning of camp. The Camp Coordinator returns emails and
phone calls from parents with questions regarding camp registration. This is on-going from
January to the beginning of camp. The Camp Coordinator schedules a mandatory Camp
Orientation with all Teaching Artists and runs the orientation. The Camp Coordinator works with
the Graphic Designer to design a Camp T-shirt for staff and campers and works with the printing
company to get Staff shirts printed ahead of the first day of camp. These hours, except for
organization and orientation can be work from home.

June through August – 40 hours per week

The Camp Coordinator schedules Teaching Artists and manage all aspects of camps, including,
but not limited to:
- Greeting campers and parents during registration on day one of each session
- Management of all camper registration paperwork
- Supervision of daily schedule; checking schedule with Box Office Manager in creation of
Master Building Schedule; making certain that all Teaching Artists and front desk have a
copy of the daily schedule;
- Supervision of breaks, supervision of lunch and snack times, supervision of curbside drop
off and pick-up;
- Management and allocation of supplies
- Keeping the facilities and grounds organized, clean, and professional at all times;
returning rooms to “zero” at the end of activities
- Hiring and scheduling Teaching Artists to cover Pre-Camp and After Care
- Responding immediately to emergency situations, behavior managements incidents, or to
camper injuries; following up with parents; making certain that an Incident Report is
created and filed
- Working with Graphic Designer to create program for the showcase at the end of each
- Managing lost and found items; stocking first aid kits
- Renting a movie every Wednesday and working with Theatre Manager to set-up movie
showing in Baffes Theatre
- Creation of daily information sheets that go home to parents, including a Summer Arts
Camp newsletter with Graphic Designer that goes out to parents the first Friday of each
- Creating a printed name tag for each camper by day two of each session.
- Creating the Check-in/Check-out sheet for each session by the end of day one
- Updating Group Lists and distributing to Teaching Artists
- Documenting the week by taking pictures.
- Creating a Power Point presentation to be shown at the showcase on the final day of each
session with the above pictures
- Rehearsing and creating an impressive and professional hour-long showcase to culminate
the end of each session.
- Greeting each parent as they arrive for the showcase and handing out programs
- Introducing the showcase live onstage
- Returning the building to “zero” at the end of each session in preparation of beginning a
new session on Monday.
- Scheduling, organizing, and supervising field trips off-campus when applicable

Day Camps

The Beverly Arts Center offers day camps throughout the school year on the following dates:
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Winter Break Camp (4-5 days)
MLK Day Camp
President’s Day Camp
Spring Break Camp – CPS (5 days)
Spring Break Camp – Non – CPS (5 days)

The Camp Coordinator creates the schedule and budgets for these camps, creates Marketing
materials and works with Marketing to advertise these camps, hires the Teaching Artists,
manages the day-to-day operation of these camps, and manages Teaching Artist payroll for these
camps. For this work the Camp Coordinator is compensated $18 per hour. This part of the
position can be a separate person if the candidate is not available during the school year.


- Bachelor’s degree in any discipline of Art preferred.
- 3-4 years teaching experience preferred, especially with primary grades
- Experience in customer service a plus.
- Strong multi-tasking and communication skills needed.
- Willingness to be certified in First Aid and CPR preferred.
- Willingness to be certified as a Mandated Reporter preferred.
- Some managerial experience preferred, but not mandatory.
- Looking for a fun leader, who can steer the ship, empower their employees, dazzle
customers, and engage children.


The pay rate for the Camp Coordinator position is $18 per hour. $8640 total for the summer, plus
$720 during the year (not including work at day camps.)

Contact Info:
Matt McKinney
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Chicago/South side/