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Boxed Experience

Seeking actors for "Boxed Experience," an Interactive Theatrical Experience where actors are immersed in a new, transformative world.

All actors will be paid hourly ($12/hr. for less experienced actors. $15/hr. for experienced actors) as soon as the production starts. All times will be documented for monthly payments.

Casting states: "In this world, you’ll have total control as you investigate and decide the fate of a man being accused of a horrible crime. In each room, you will find clues and evidence that will alter your thoughts on if he’s innocent or guilty. Experience a journey through realism and hyperrealism rooms as we jam pack each room with enough activities to keep you entertained. With Intriguing visuals, mind-bending sensations, and a storyline that will leave you speechless. Our only ask is that you’re prepared for what’s to come."

Contact Info:
Marcus Rashad
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: South loop