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Assistant Director, Gallery

Assistant Director

  1. Space Management/Installations Gallery and Fairs
    • Communicates with artists in advance of exhibitions about specific installation needs
    • Assists with plans and manages construction/build outs and repairs for any of the spaces
    • Manage and organize Kavi Gupta Warehouse -Pilsen
    • Manage maintenance/cleaning etc or gallery Vans and vehicles
    • Assist preparators with installation and de-installation as needed
    • Works with events and programs staff to ensure spaces are prepared and ready
    • Manage Art Fair Installations
    • Manage Art Fair shipping from the gallery, artists studios and similar to fairs
    • Manage specialized shipping needs for secondary sales Incoming/outgoing. Make paperwork and send with the salesperson or director.
    • Manage Local deliveries as needed.
    • Work with Registrar and Gallery Manager to coordinate all shipping and communication so it is done to our standards, timely and with nuanced care.

II. Artist Liaison

    • Act as artist liaison for artists from Kavi Gupta
    • Maintain regular communication with artists (including sales updates, art fair updates, exhibition recaps)
    • Manage the coordination of artists’ exhibitions at the gallery, participation in museum exhibitions, and works needed for art fairs
    • Manage exhibitions planning doc for projects involving your artists and schedule an exhibition meeting when there is an upcoming gallery show to discuss and coordinate with the gallery team: exhibition concept, budget, production needs, shipping, installation needs and schedule, and any necessary printed matter
    • Ensure artists that you represent have updated information on the website and all gallery platforms and communicate needed updates to Archivist
    • Work with gallery team to coordinate programming and events for artists
    • Work with gallery team and artists on any printed materials the gallery produces for them.
    • Be on the lookout for new artists for the gallery

III. Art and exhibition production

    • Work with artist liaisons to prepare artists proposals for exhibitions/special projects and offside installations
    • Work with artists liaisons, preparators, and the artists to coordinate cost-effective production
    • Assist artists in fabrication and framing of works for gallery, special projects and museum shows
    • Order vinyl lettering and signage for exhibitions
    • Work to Design any special Signage, display or similar
Contact Info:
Kavi Gupta Gallery
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Chicago