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Claire Saxe

Artist-Educators for a Creative Arts Teaching Residency

Seeking Artist-Educators for a Creative Arts Teaching Residency


Alcuin Montessori School is seeking teaching artists with practices rooted in a specific cultural tradition for an elementary-school creative arts teaching residency.

Alcuin’s elementary team (1st-6th grade) is seeking to assemble a small team of artist-educators –from a range of artistic backgrounds, representing a variety of cultural traditions– to work with students for a 6-7 week period, between January and May 2023, building towards the school’s 2023 Cultural Festival.

Alcuin’s biennial Cultural Festival is a school-wide event. For months leading up to the event, students dig deeply into research on a culture(s), exploring topics including history, food, music, dance, traditional clothing, activism, languages, natural name it! This project culminates in a performance and sharing of work with the school community and families.

The work of these resident artist-educators –which might include focus on music, dance, cooking, story-telling, martial arts, percussion, clothing/fashion...– would become a core component of the students’ work and the Cultural Festival event!


  • Each member of the Cultural Festival Enrichment Team will be in residence for a 6-7 week period between January 5 and May 19 2023.
    • There is some flexibility with how the residency schedule is distributed – we are happy to discuss options and prepared to meet artists’ schedules with as much flexibility as we can!
    • As a starting point, the tentative residency rotations are scheduled as follows:
      • Block 1 (6.5 weeks total)
        • Thu, January 5 - Thu, February 9 (5.5 weeks)
        • + Cultural Festival Final-Prep Week: Tue, May 16 - Thu, May 18
        • + Culural Festival Performance: Sat, May 20th
      • Block 2 (6.5 weeks total)
        • Tues, Feb 14 - Wed, Mar 22 (5.5 weeks)
        • + Cultural Festival Final-Prep Week: Tue, May 16 - Thu, May 18
        • + Culural Festival Performance: Sat, May 20th
      • Block 3 (7 weeks total)
        • Tues, April 4 - Thu, May 12 (6 weeks)
        • + Cultural Festival Final-Prep Week:Tue, May 16 - Thu, May 18
        • + Cultural Festival Performance: Sat, May 20th


  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
  • 11:30am - 3:30pm


  • $30/hr; ~85-90 total project hours


Established in 1961, Alcuin Montessori is located in Oak Park, Illinois and is among the oldest Montessori schools in the United States. With programs for children ages birth through 8th grade, we are looking for bright, motivated and innovative individuals to become a part of our family.

Alcuin Montessori’s mission is to inspire a lifelong commitment to intellectual exploration and personal excellence by providing an outstanding educational community founded on rigorous academics, independent thought and individual development. Our teachers are both AMS and AMI certified, and are supported by a strong administration and a partnership with parents. Alcuin offers a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as a myriad of opportunities for professional development.


Please send a resume and cover letter/email sharing a little of your arts background, teaching experience, and any other relevant experience.

Materials can be sent to Project Coordinator Claire Saxe:

Contact Info:
Claire Saxe
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Oak Park, IL