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Chicago Artists Coalition recently moved to enhance our programs, onsite studios, and allow for greater accessibility and inclusivity. We launched the MAKING SPACE campaign in 2018 to support the build-out of our new home and programs for artists. MAKING SPACE is an ambitious campaign to raise $500,000 for CAC program and studio space enhancements.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, we have raised over 91% of our $500,000 goal to-date.

With the move to our new home in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor and construction of the space completed, the remaining funds needed to complete the campaign will support our programs for artists. This includes covering the costs of artists fees, so that we may continue to keep our residencies free for artists.

CAC succeeds because of the incredible support of donors like you who understand the important role that art plays in all of our lives. Donate today to fund the art programs that help keep our city culturally vibrant.


Maggie and Jeffrey Shapack

Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

  • Pam and Terry Dowd
  • Gettys Group
  • Nancy Herring and John Balfe
  • Sondra and Tony Karman
  • The MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture at Prince
  • Sabina Ott
  • Carmelita Tiu
  • Linda Usher and Malcolm, Kristin and Lauren Lambe
  • Transwestern Consulting Group
  • Beth and Bruce Boyd
  • Suzette Bross Bulley
  • Lisa Cavanaugh and Lynn Wiese
  • Macol Stewart Cerda and Jose Cerda III
  • Chartwell Insurance Services
  • Katherine Groniger and Molly Meyer
  • Catherine Hickey
  • Susan and Doug Lyons
  • Gary Metzner and Scott Johnson
  • Elissa Tenny
  • Tricia Van Eck
  • Anonymous
  • Nancy and Tim Anderson
  • Lester Beste
  • Bruce DeMent and Patricia Martin-DeMent
  • Joe Dwyer
  • Robin Gallardi
  • Joe Gallitano
  • Myra Greene
  • Sandra and Jack Guthman
  • Brooke Hummer and Grove Mower
  • Deone Jackman
  • Kasia Kay
  • Maggie and Michael Meiners
  • Caroline and Eric Older
  • Shawna and Jay Owen
  • Patrice Perkins
  • Sandra Perlow
  • Erik Peterson
  • Lauren and Chris Peterson
  • Darryll Schiff
  • Donna Van Eekeren
  • Justine Bianco
  • Aileen Blackwell
  • Rashayla Marie Brown
  • Chanel Coney
  • Jan Conneely
  • Ilene and David DeYoe
  • Peter DeYoe
  • John Farris
  • Jan and Joe Feldman
  • Sarah Ghorbanian
  • David Gonzalez
  • Emily and Roger Grimes
  • Rhona Hoffman
  • Jonathan Kinkley
  • Kenneth Klassman
  • Jennifer Krah and Andrew DeYoe
  • Nora Kyger
  • Cortney Lederer
  • Stephanie Lentz
  • David Leonardis
  • Kate Lorenz
  • Deborah Lovely
  • Evelyn McCullen
  • Monique Meloche
  • Todd Palmer
  • Claire Pentecost
  • Fredrick Schmalz
  • Mary Shea and Ernie Reinstein
  • Jon Sonhouse
  • Ashutosh Tiwari
  • Ginny and Alby Van Alyea
  • Joan Wagner and Paul Haskins
  • Larry Warsh
  • Rebecca Woan
  • Amanda Wolfman
  • Regina Wootton
*Includes donations as of September 2019
“I am extremely proud to be a part of an organization that fosters and supports a new generation of artists, arts professionals, and collectors, and one that contributes greatly to Chicago's arts and culture community.”
Tony Karman
President and Director, EXPO Chicago
“CAC is the beating heart of the emerging art scene in Chicago. The lifeblood of artists, writers, and curator who have come through its programs courses through the city, creating a vibrant art town that I believe is one of the finest in the world to produce, see, and create a conversation around art.”
Erik Peterson
HATCH and BOLT alum, Manager of Family Program and Student Engagement, Smart Museum at the University of Chicago

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