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Thank you for helping us to raise over $130,000 for our exhibitions, residencies, and resources for Chicago artists. We hope you had a great night!


WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP) is Chicago Artists Coalition's largest fundraising event of the year. All of the proceeds directly support CAC's artist and curatorial residencies, education and professional development workshops, ground-breaking exhibitions, and the online platform CAR (Chicago Artists Resource).

Our new space was still a work in progress, so we invited guests to wear "Creative Construction" attire.

At WIP, we announced the recipients of the 2018 MAKER Grants (sponsored by CAC and Other Peoples Pixels) and Coney Family Fund Award.

Check out event photos here and here to see how guests embraced the “creative construction” theme.

2018 Honoree: Rhona Hoffman

Artist Interventions by Judith Brotman, Industry of the Ordinary, Erik Peterson, and Stacia Yeapanis

Karim Ahamed and Tony Karman

  • Rashayla Marie Brown
  • Suzette Bross Bulley
  • Gwen Callans and Biff Ruttenberg
  • Macol Stewart Cerda and Jose Cerda III
  • Karen and Tuey Connell
  • Dirk Denison and David Salkin
  • Marilyn and Larry Fields
  • Robin Gallardi
  • Ashley Galloway
  • Jefferson Godard
  • Helyn Goldenberg and Michael Alper
  • Ann Goldstein
  • Jessica Gracey
  • Dedrea and Paul Gray
  • Sandra and Jack Guthman
  • Alice Hargrave
  • Brooke Hummer and Grove Mower
  • Claudine Ise
  • Deone Jackman
  • Karen Jones
  • Sondra Karman
  • Dietrich Klevorn
  • Carrie Lannon
  • Maggie and Mike Meiners
  • Monique Meloche
  • Herbert and Paula Molner
  • Huong Ngo
  • Shawna and Jay Owen
  • Caroline Picard
  • Erik Peterson
  • Lauren Peterson
  • Pooja Pittie and Zulfiqar Ramzan
  • Kate Pollasch and Bryan McVey
  • Meg Prendergast
  • Andrew Rafacz
  • Larry Serota
  • Jeffrey and Maggie Shapack
  • Irving Stenn, Jr.
  • Hunt Tackbary and Mackenzie Madsen
  • Anastasia Tinari
  • Allan Weinberger
  • Rebecca Woan

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