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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Dianna C Long

Women of Color Artists

WOMEN OF COLOR art show at Liz Long Gallery (Urban Art Retreat) 1957 S. Spaulding ave. Chicago Illinois 6062

We are especially interested in art that is about social justice issues.


Art must be fully display ready with a wire on the back for hanging.

Your piece must be within the size limitation: under 20 inches in each direction.

This must be an original work by yourself. Please sign your art on the front. Write on the back- the title of the piece and your name. Do not include any other info.

Art should arrive at the gallery between January 20-31, 2023.

Women of Color art show will be on display February 11- March 25 2023.

All art should be picked up or arrangements made for it to be returned between April 1-4, 2023.

There is a $10.00 fee per day for art left after the 4th day.


Your artist introduction (where do you live, where are you from? Did you go to college- if so where? Have you studied art? Where? Who do you make art for? What artists have influenced you? Where have you traveled to? Tell us about you.)


Title of art piece is _______________________________________ .


Describe what your artwork looks like if we were looking for it and didn’t know what it looked like (size, color, materials, subject matter or shapes in art) If you would like to sell you art, what amount of money would you like to receive for it’s sale? Our non-profit takes 30% of any sale.

About your art

Tell us about the art you want to exhibit in this art show. What is the idea behind the art? What are you trying to say through this art? Does your art have anything to do with a social justice issue? What material/s did you use to make the artwork? When you are not in the gallery and people ask about your art, what can the gallery staff say?


I, ____________________________________, agree to pick up my art on time, or I will pay the daily fee $10.00 for storage. I understand that it is important that I do my best to invite people and publicize the show to help bring attendees. I understand that that I must get my art to the gallery between January 20-31, 2023. The opening reception is February 11 from 1-4p.m. The last day of the show is March 25 at 4p.m.. The last day to pick up art or have a carrier pick up art is March 29 at 4p.m.

Signature of artist _________________________ 

Date ______________________________

Deadline: 01.27.2023
Name: Dianna C Long
Address: 1957 S. Spaulding Ave.
Phone: 7735429126