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Visual Art ,
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Jamie Leigh Pitts

Woman Made Gallery Call for Art: Reciprocity (Photography)

EXHIBITION DATES: March 4 - April 3. 2021
ENTRY DEADLINE: January 31, 2021
NOTIFICATIONS: Feb. 11. 2021

IN-PERSON ART DROP OFF: 12-4 pm on SAT Feb 20 // SUN Feb 21 // TH Feb. 25




IN-PERSON ART PICK UP: Noon - 4 PM on SUN April 4 // THUR April 8

SHIPPING ART OUT: Carrier pick up will be scheduled for TH April 8


Reciprocity is a relation of mutual dependence, action or influence.

In photography, reciprocity refers to the relationship between the aperture (f-stop) and shutter speed, which work dependently and inversely to capture light. It is the key to the perfect exposure.

In reciprocal relationships, like in any collaborative act, ideas and conversations are exchanged, enriching participants intellectually and emotionally. Whether through aesthetic bond, mentor/mentee relationships, friendship, photographer/subject or teacher to student, our pursuits are sustained by these relationships.

To celebrate the reciprocal bonds that enrich our photographic practices, Woman Made Gallery invites women-identified and non-binary artists from the local, national, and international community to pair their photograph with that of another practicing photographer with whom they are in conversation. 2 and 3 dimensional forms, plus video will be considered.

We believe no photograph is created without dialogue or influence. The purpose of the exhibition is to reflect and acknowledge the under-recognized importance of support and the varieties of reciprocity in our practices. The paired works do not need to look alike. The only criteria is that both photographers have benefitted from the shared exchange.

  1. Invite another photographer with whom you have a relationship of inspiration (ie: aesthetic bond, mentor/mentee, colleagues, friends, teacher/student, etc.)
  2. Submit your works separately as 2 jpegs (labeled with your last name-first name-1 and if you submit an additional submission of two pairings label your image with last name-first name-2, last-name-first name-3, and so forth.)
  3. Send a statement (150 words) with your name and the name of the photographer with whom you have a reciprocal relationship. Statements can be written broadly or specifically and could touch on how you communicate, the nature of your relationship (e.g., teacher/student, friends, academic colleagues), process, how you have influenced each other and/or the benefits you have received from the exchange. These statements, which we consider documents of acknowledgement, will be displayed with your work.

We like to receive entries of recent works, but there is no restriction in the creation date. Accepted artworks must not exceed 48" horizontally and must not have been previously shown at WMG. Please note, the regular application fee for this juried photography exhibition is $45, which covers both artist’s submissions. Each artist may submit one work of art per submission (and one detail image per piece if necessary).

A limited number of artists who experience financial hardship may be exempt from paying the entry fee; please send us an email to request a fee waiver:

Jurors: Collaborators Barbara Ciurej + Lindsay Lochman
Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman have been collaborating on photographic narratives for four decades and understand reciprocity as essential to collaborative practice. Through photographs, artists books and installation, their work explores the confluence of history, myth and popular culture. Ciurej lives and works in Chicago and Lochman is an educator and photographer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They share a studio in Milwaukee.

Name: Jamie Pitts
Address: 2150 S Canalport Ave., STE 4-3A
Phone: 312-738-0400