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Visual Art ,
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Gretchen Hasse

We Are Tech and Tech Are Us

More than any other animal, Humans use tools. Increasingly, our tools define us. They shape our future in ways we do not yet understand.

What is technology? How has tech shaped us? How will it continue to shape us? Are we reaching a point where we have lost control of our technology? Did we reach that point a long time ago? Do we care?

WHY do we constantly forge ahead with technology? What if we abruptly lost the tech that we depend on every day?

We are looking for inventions, automata, biotech, robotic installations, architectural designs, essays, speculative fiction… anything you think falls under the tech umbrella. It doesn’t have to be cutting edge; we love old fashioned tech too.

For this exhibition, a piece created with AI does not by itself constitute “tech.” If you submit a work created with AI, please use your statement to contextualize how it relates to the theme of the show.

If you have any questions about the size of the gallery space or our capacity to accommodate a particular piece, please contact the curator at

Deadline: 07.14.2023
Name: Gretchen Hasse
Address: 3851 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL
Phone: 224-251-9707