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Chelsea Crossett

Visual Artists / Writers / Researchers / Organizers

Hand Over Hand magazine is a new project that was initially created as a Q&A interview style publication focusing on sharing the journey and story of those in Chicago who are currently pursuing entrepreneurial and creative projects in support by and for their communities. We are intending to grow this publication to include workshops, classes, events, and exhibits in the long term.

Our ultimate goal is to be a resource to the Chicago community.

With that being said we have paused from working on completing and publicizing the first issue which features 6 incredible artists, comedians, and healers and are now focusing our efforts on creating a more centralized way to find resources, support, and mutual aid groups during COVID-19.

The publication generally focuses on the following areas: activism & politics, art & design, food & drink, music & performance, wellness & healing. At this time any writers, researchers, copyeditors, designers, etc. will be on a volunteer basis but we have been working over the last year applying for grants to pay our contributors. If you have interests in any of these areas and would like to research and write about the resources available and any support for folx within these areas, please email us! If you are more interested in researching and writing for your particular neighborhood, please email us! If you’d like to work with us to maintain the Instagram and Website as we collect resources, please email us! If you are interested in writing blogs, hosting a Live Story event, or even starting a podcast series, please email us! If you feel like our mission and goals resonate with you in any capacity, please email us! We’d like to organize and build community with you.

Deadline: 06.09.2020
Name: Chelsea
Address: Chicago, IL
Phone: 312-869-2886