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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Simone Jones

Visual Artists & Photographers for Women's Independent Magazine

Protest Magazine

Protest Magazine is a group anthology & portfolio run by marginalized women. Protest Magazine is the sum of women’s partnership, one platform for many voices.  

The Communication Issue

Protest’s second issue concentrates on communication, expression, and education.

We’re looking for visual work created by BIWOC to make the Communication Issue whole.

The craft of communication shapeshifts and transforms based on the artist. Most of us are well-versed with piecing together words to communicate, but speech is only one way to convey a message. We also 'speak' through appearances, physical movements, and sign languages. We converse through prayer, music, and art, too. Our bodies tell stories. Animals talk; nature communicates.

We are perpetual participants of conversation; we use our abilities to share information, for advocacy, for love, for disruption. Communication exists with the premise that our message will reach something or someone else; it's a tool meant to strengthen or disrupt connections.


Creatives are encouraged to submit work that reflects their personal interpretation of all matters related to communication, education, and information exchanges. Below are some areas we will tackle in this issue, you may use the topics below as inspiration or take a different route entirely. The only caveat is that it celebrates the art of communicating. 

  • African American Vernacular English
  • Prayer and otherworldly communication
  • Indigenous languages
  • Early childhood education
  • Self-advocacy and mental health
  • Cultural clothing and other aesthetics
  • Modern tribalism and social networks
  • Multilingualism and cultural identity
  • Grassroots journalism and social media

The deadline to submit is March 8th, 2021.

We do not believe in free labor, all selected contributors will be compensated for their time and energy.

If you have any trouble submitting your work or had a question, email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Simone & Protest Mag Team

Deadline: 03.07.2021
Name: Simone Jones
Address: New Orleans, LA
Phone: 9738186056