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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Indira Johnson

Visible Invisible

Visible / Invisible. How silence is a tool of violence allowing it to blossom and grow.

While violence has become endemic to our lives, globally, nationally and in our neighborhoods, the invisible aspects and causes of violence remain hidden, existing under the surface and in many cases being more devastating than the original violent actions.The theme of invisible violence is not new as can be seen from the increased incidents of emotional and mental abuse and the socio-economic legacy that is all around us. Visible / Invisible explores this so-called invisible violence as it manifests itself in everyday life, in our homes, schools, workspaces and media.


Visible / Invisible will bring together artists' voices and viewpoints to investigate the roots of this subversive invisible violence tracing its historical and cultural origins through language, identity related issues, representation, fluctuating socio-economic conditions and long held beliefs.

Visible / Invisible seeks multi-disciplinary work that explores and considers the different forms of violence across a broad spectrum of experience, especially works that address those forms that do not get public attention and thus remain invisible.

Some questions to consider: Has popular culture provided a structure that has contributed to the lack of attention and resources to fight invisible violence? Has silence become a tool of violence allowing it to blossom further and grow?


Show runs in the galleries of the Noyes Cultural Center, Evanston, February 4 – March 18, 2022

  • JPEG’s due by January 4, 2022
  • Notification of acceptance by January 11, 2022


This call is open to artists in the Evanston and Chicago areas. All fine art media (2D and 3D work) will be considered except film or video. No changes or substitutions allowed. If accepted, artists must deliver and pick up work according to show deadlines.


  1. Forward three JPEG images with subject Visible/Invisible to email?
  2. Image identification sheet with title, media, year completed and a brief statement as to how this relates to the Visible/Invisible theme.
  3. Artist Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, email

Curators: Indira Johnson, Fran Joy, Lisa Degliantoni


Deadline: 10.09.2021
Name: Indira Johnson
Address: 917 Fowler Ave
Phone: 847 702 2362