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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Visual Art ,
submitted by
Julian Graham

Verde Variants - Union Street Gallery

Juried by USG Studio Artists Mary Ann Trzyna & Susan Henke

Union Street Gallery invites artists to submit their most compelling works for our upcoming exhibition titled "Verde Variants." We are seeking a diverse array of 2D and 3D art that explores the depth of the color green in all its shades, textures, and symbolism.

Typically, green is seen as the hue of life, nature, and renewal. It can signify growth, harmony, and fertility. It can also evoke the fresh start of spring, the tranquility of a forest, or the vibrant energy of a verdant landscape. But green's spectrum goes beyond the natural world—it also encapsulates themes of envy, vitality, and the supernatural, conveying a multitude of emotions and ideas. 

This exhibition aims to unravel the complexities of the color green, pushing beyond its traditional associations to uncover new interpretations and connections. We encourage artists to think laterally—how does green interact with concepts of identity, environment, social issues, or technological advancements? How can green be used to challenge our perceptions, evoke emotion, or comment on our society?

Deadline: 04.04.2024
Address: 1527 Otto Blvd Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Phone: (708)-754-2601