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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Erika Lee

University of Illinois Art in Architecture at Natural History Building - Globe Sculpture

The School of Earth, Society and Environment, together with the School of Integrative Biology do research on Earth and Earth processes, including the biosphere (the plants and animals), the geosphere (the solid earth, its continents, oceans and mountains), the atmosphere (weather, storms, and climate), and human society (social science, geography, and geographic information. The objective is to have a globe sculpture that depicts on it these four components: weather and storms, continents, mountains and oceans, human society (cities, farmland), and living things (rainforests, animals etc.). The vision is to be able to identify these components when admiring this interior globe sculpture at the Natural History Building on the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana.  

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Deadline: 04.02.2023
Name: Erika Lee
Address: 1501 S. Oak
Phone: 12172444134