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Mitch Wong

Time Capsule Restoration

Hey!!! My name is Mitch, and I am looking for someone to help restore and create a piece of art out of an important family heirloom with rich history. Here is the story:

My Dad is originally from O'ahu, Hawai'i and my Mom is from the Chicagoland area. 25 years ago, they started an annual tradition of keeping a time capsule in the mountains of Hawai'i. Every year, they would hike up the mountain to find this capsule and put a new prayer/note into it. This tradition lasted 20+ years and my younger brother and I were able to make this trek as well. We have 20+ years of my families history in these notes. However, like much of O'ahu this mountain became developed into a tourist hike and our bottle was partially damaged along with some of the notes. We had to remove the bottle, and now it just sits in a plastic gallon bag wasting away...

I am hoping to find an artist that could help restore some of the very delicate paper notes and glass bottle. I would also be open to discussing a way to create a piece of art out of this while maintaining the history of these notes. It would be great to be able to use what created piece as a time-capsule again! I would love to be able to gift my parents this restored part of their history for Christmas. Let me know if you would be able to help! 

Reach out via email for some detailed pictures of the bottle and notes. Thank you for your consideration!

Deadline: 12.24.2021
Name: Mitch Wong
Address: n/a
Phone: 8473382460