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Whitney Currier

The Waystation Auditions at The Martin

From the team behind the sold out productions of 12 OPHELIAS (2019) & STAY ON THE LINE (2017, 2018, 2019) - we present:

the world premiere of THE WAYSTATION by Teagan Walsh-Davis.

Ash, Murphy & Lennon are just trying to stay under the radar. More than a decade into a government-mandated tithe of firstborn children, they're stewarding a dwindling resource out of a once-buzzing roadhouse bar: a clandestine network of smugglers, midwives, and desperate mothers working to get at-risk babies out of the country. When one of their contacts shows up without warning, bloodied and escorting a reticent teenager with their own share of secrets, that hard-won invisibility is threatened in an instant. As they're drawn farther away from the world they used to know, Ash, Murphy, Lennon and the rest of their patchwork family are forced to decide what they owe to one another, and what's worth risking everything for.


  • ASH late 30s/early 40s. The Waystation's original proprietor. Still trying to do the good work, but getting tired.
  • LENNON 30s. Once Ash's barback, then an amateur abortionist, then a smuggler. Now feeling a case of idle hands. Misses the old days, wishes they were in Murphy's shoes rather than their own.
  • JUNEAU any age. Once a long-haul trucker trying to make it to the next drink. Now God's Law, or what's left of it.
  • MURPHY mid-late 20s. Came through here en route to somewhere else, but fell in love with Ash and never left. Has a surviving spark of optimism.
  • TENNESSEE late 20s/early 30s. Hardscrabble, just trying to get by. Sometimes this involves taking risks they ought not to take.
  • ELLIS teens. Smart and prickly, scared and furious. Carrying a secret. Too young to have seen so much.
  • WYATT early 20s at most. Skittish. Zealous. Believes the end is here, and is ready for it.

None of the characters in this play are restricted by race or gender aside from Ellis & Murphy being AFAB. Our play is written completely in they / them pronouns.

This is a story about marginalized people, people on the fringes, people who have been discarded by society.

Because of the above, we are seeking female-identified, nonbinary, trans-masc & queer-identified individuals to submit for our production.

Please submit the following for audition consideration:

  • Preferred photo of yourself
  • Availability between 3-7pm on 1/26
  • Availability for callbacks from 7-9pm on 1/27
  • Short bio / reason for interest


Name: Whitney LaMora
Address: 2515 West North Avenue
Phone: 3124015782