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The GAme - Call for Photographers and Visual Designers

THE GAME Call for Exhibition   Accepted media: Photography, Digital Graphic, Digital Visual Design Take part in the Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy. August 2019     FREE ENTRY Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme   Since ancient times the concept of "game" has been taken on by countless philosophers, artists and writers, pouring into it a philosophical and conceptual value, as demonstrated by the writings of Aristotle, as well as those of Schiller, Kant and Huizinga. Kant takes up the founding element of freedom in the game and associates it with the aesthetics where the judgment of taste is based on the "free play of our cognitive faculties" of the imagination and the intellect. Or again, Johan Huizinga can be considered as one of the major theoreticians of the game, the theme at the center of his work is Homo Ludens, which assigns to the play activity of man the driving force of art and science. No less are the authors of the art world who bear witness to the interest in the subject. Artists, photographers and visual designers are invited to propose works that address the theme of the game in a new perspective, which reconsiders the theme through aspects that mark the contemporary: globalization, new interactive media, gambling addiction, etc.   - Submissions at Deadline 7th May 2019
Deadline: 05.07.2019
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Name: Vamessa
Address: 00154  Rome  RomaItaly