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The Advent Project: 24 Days of Art for Good

The Advent Project is an online multimedia calendar that unlocks a new piece of bite-sized art every day for 24 days in December. All proceeds benefit a worthy cause, selected in collaboration with our artists.

We created The Advent Project in 2019 because we like a lot of different things and a lot of different artists and we wanted something nice to open together in December, a time that can be magical for some of us and difficult for others, even in years that weren’t like this year. We found that many artists were like us, that they wanted to donate their poems and films and stop-motion and puzzles and songs and jokes to raise money for a good cause and help all of us feel a little less alone.

Visit our website for more information about The Advent Project and partner organizations:

Deadline: 09.05.2021
Name: Kasey
Address: Email
Phone: 312-487-1812