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Kathleen Ulm

Spark in the Mundane

Welcome to the black and white world, where the only splash of colour is your emotion!

Spark in the Mundane, an art show, is looking for artists willing to express their emotion only in 3 colours: BLACK, WHITE and splash of one more colour. We would like to see your black and white world and what feeling breaks its mundane existence. 

Rules are simple: every art piece must be predominantly black and white, 3rd colour is your choice, how much or how little of it is up to you. 

Submissions can be paintings, drawings, photography, graphic design, sculptures, fabric work, jewellery (metalwork), etc. You chose your medium and your emotion. 

We welcome all creative artists, new and old, beginners and veterans alike. Every artist can submit four pieces. All visual work must be ready to hang if possible. We do have easels and pedestals for articles as well. 

No cost to submit your art for approval into the show. The deadline to submit images of your work is Friday, January 14, 2022. 

You can email it to 

Exhibition Dates will be Friday, January 21 - Saturday, February 26. You will be notified of drop off dates or shipping information once approved. 

The opening reception is Friday, January 21, 7 pm – 9 pm at Studio 659, 1413 119th St. Whiting INShow 

Curator: Andjela Kovacevic, passionate for the beautiful and unique, with a flair for the drama, is looking forward to presenting your work to the public and presenting a spectrum of vibrant colours that will break the monotony of winter months. Andjela is an active member of Art Alive,

Deadline: 01.13.2022
Name: Andjela Kovacevic
Address: 1413 119th St.
Phone: 219-659-8828