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Seeking Early Scripts for First Time for Everyone: a Podcast

First Time for Everyone is a podcast that celebrates the bumpy road of artistic evolution, where writers cast aside their embarrassment to share their awkward early scripts with the world and talk about their journeys as artists.  

We've done five episodes so far (check them out at the link below), and we're currently seeking more writers willing to plumb the depths of their hard drives for their earliest scripted work.  We'll do a reading of the piece with actors via Zoom, and then have a discussion about the origins of the piece and the ways we've evolved as artists over the years.  

So if you have access to one of your earliest scripts (the earlier the better) and you're willing to let it see the light of day once more for all the internet to hear, we'd love to hear from you!  Email us at and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Deadline: 04.29.2021
Name: Conor McShane
Address: 1411 W. Greenleaf Ave. #3W
Phone: 7342761999