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Michael Workman

Seeking Conscientious Mourners for Ghost Army

Greetings fellow artists! I'm participating in this year's Terrain Biennial with a new iteration of my long-term project called Ghost Army. 

Appearing in this iteration as yard signs and window posters, Ghost Army is a multivalent personal art project, intended to prompt mourning for the more than 600,000+ Americans needlessly lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to those unmourned who go unclaimed by friends or family. I am dedicating this project to my uncle Mark Workman, who died in the late 1980’s, one of the early victims of the A.I.D.S. epidemic, who was shunned for his homosexuality by his family, and whose grave goes unrecognized and without a stone marker to this day. 

I think of participating presenters as members of the Ghost Army of those mourning to heal. I have printed 30 yard signs in the 3 designs pictured here; I have 9 of each available still -- if you'd like to join the ranks of Ghost Army's conscientious mourners, it's too late to be listed as an official host site for Terrain, but you can still request and put up a yard sign or a window display! Just fill out this form to be added into the upcoming schedule for pickups.

Deadline: 09.25.2021
Name: Michael Workman
Address: 2858 W. Belle Plaine Ave., Floor 3
Phone: 2243075479