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Adam Farcus

Screening: Excavation, Histories, Erasure, and Time

Open call for moving image works!

Lease Agreement is searching for moving image works for a screening to accompany an exhibition, curated by Lease Agreement, at the Lincoln Arts Institute (Lincoln, IL). Selected works will be included in a screening, hosted by the Lincoln Arts Institute, during the exhibition, Inhabiting Rivers, Unfinishing Circles. Submitted works should attend to the ideas of excavation, histories, forgotten narratives, cultural flotsam and jetsam, place, erasure, and/or time. The statement for Inhabiting Rivers, Unfinishing Circles is included below for contextual reference.

Submissions should be emailed to Please include a short synopsis of the submitted work, links to the work(s), and a CV. Submitted works must be available in digital/video format. Artists, directors, and makers may submit any number of works for consideration. There is no submission fee. Compensation is unfortunately not available for screened works. Deadline for submissions is July 31st at midnight Central Time.

Inhabiting Rivers, Unfinishing Circles statement:

A river is a metaphor - as Heraclitus wrote, “no [person] ever steps in the same river twice” - where time changes ourselves, the world, and our experience of the world. Or, as Maggie Nelson writes, a river is a blue emotion on which we are carried. In her case the metaphor is aimed at understanding mortality: “If you are in love with blue you fill your pouch with stones good for sucking and head down to the river. Any river will do.” In all cases, a metaphorical river is a location that carries histories and emotions in the form of flotsam and jetsam. Inhabiting Rivers, Unfinishing Circles presents approaches to examining or excavating histories and emotions, flotsam and jetsam. The works in this exhibition by Tamara Becerra Valdez, Jordan Hess, and Dakota Mace explore excavation as a form of research that is specific to the acts of uncovering and collecting histories, narratives, and cultural material. The goal of this exhibition is not to present objective documentation of a particular place, lineage, erasure, or phenomena but instead to locate that which has spent some time floating along.

Deadline: 07.30.2022
Name: Adam Farcus
Address: 112 S. McLean, Lincoln, IL (Lincoln Arts Institute)
Phone: n/a