WED – FRI: 11AM-5PM SAT: 12-4PM (by advance appt. only)
WED – FRI: 11AM-5PM SAT: 12-4PM (by advance appt. only)
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Olivia Bunting

Rooting a Deeper Connection Artist in Residence

Rooting a Deeper Connection (RDC) highlights and celebrates the arts and study of nature within Black and Latinx communities. By focusing on artistic and environmental innovation within the Black and Latinx communities, Allerton intends to connect more deeply with visitors, guests, and stakeholders within these communities. This program is one of many steps toward deepening and growing the connection between Allerton and the whole community it serves.

Residents will live on the Allerton estate, allowing uninterrupted time to explore their ideas, immerse themselves in the serene surroundings of the park, and create work inspired by their experience.

Residents are asked to donate an item for future generations to learn from and appreciate. Examples of donated work include tangible art pieces, research findings, outreach offerings, music compositions, poetry books, recorded performances, etc. Residents will also take part in a community outreach activity of their own envisioning.

Inviting artists to live and create at Allerton Park and Retreat Center will recreate the intimate experience Robert Allerton provided his guests.

Sculptors, photographers, painters, printmakers, installation artists, videographers, sound artists, writers and poets, performing artists, and more are invited to apply to live onsite and create site-inspired artwork, temporary installations, or performance projects.

Name: Olivia Bunting
Address: 515 Old Timber Road
Phone: 2173333287