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Molly Markow

Residence Evil at Ox-Bow School of Art

Starting in 2019 Ox-Bow has organized, built, and operated haunted houses and a “Spooky Trail” open to the public and for all ages. Using a limited budget and materials largely found on campus, the creative crew at Ox-Bow has captured the imagination of locals with their twisted minds and creeped-out craftiness. This year Ox-Bow Goes to Hell for a 3-day weekend combining the haunted house from 2019 with the outdoor Spooky Trail of 2020, along with a few new attractions, to bring back from the dead one creepy campus experience.

Artists, or “creeps-in-residence,” will participate in a mini-residency in preparation for Ox-Bow Goes to Hell 2021, producing at least one of many creepy, beautiful and bizarre scenes for the weekend of October 29, 30, and 31. Scenes/projects will be located in either one of three cabins or outside either between cabins or on the Spooky Trail. Each cabin contains several rooms available for a creepy conversion. There are also a number of stations available on the Spooky Trail, anywhere from 9 to 12. Scenes may be static/atmospheric/immersive, or activated/interactive/operated by actors or engineers. All media and disciplines are acceptable for fleshing out a freaky experience: sound, video, puppetry, practical effects and special effects artists are all encouraged to apply.

*Creeps are not required to act within the experience they create, though they are expected to work or aid in operations in some capacity leading up to and during the weekend’s events.

GOALS/CRITERIA: Creeps are to design and produce haunting, consciousness-altering, spine-tingling, mind-wrinkling, stomach-turning, and hair-raising experiences for scaredy cats and curious kids of all ages. From a thematic perspective, common haunts and canonized horrors are of course welcome. Visionary, psychedelic, bizarre, and uniquely weird scenarios are encouraged.

*Proposals/ideas that use outdated horror tropes at the expense of others’ real, lived experiences will be disregarded. Ox-Bow is looking for freaks, not jerks.

LOCATION DESCRIPTION: The event takes place at Ox-Bow’s centennial campus. There are two main categories of locations that artists may propose scenarios to take place: in one of Ox-Bow’s historic cabins, or on the “Spooky Trail” through a section of the largely hemlock, beech, maple, and oak forest that Ox-Bow’s campus is nestled in. Below are descriptions of these categories as well as details to consider for each space.

Cabins: Three of Ox-Bow’s historic cabins will be utilized as haunted houses. These buildings are known locally as: The White, The Scanlon, and the Mary Kay.

The Mary Kay: This building was the home of a beloved former caretaker of Ox-Bow, Mary Kay who is believed to linger in her former abode to this day. This building is the site for the original Haunted House that Ox-Bow ran in 2019. There are 4 to 5 rooms, a bathroom, a loft, and a large common room that will be sectioned into tighter spaces.

The Scanlon: This building is often used as housing for guests of all sorts at Ox-Bow, as well as an off-season events space. There is a loft, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a large common space that may be sectioned into tighter spaces.

The White: This building is often used as housing for students and guests at Ox-Bow. It rests next to a fenced-in garden and has two floors. There are two rooms per floor, and a large porch on the main floor.

The Trail: About a quarter-mile section of the Crow’s Nest Trail on Ox-Bow’s campus will be used for anywhere from 9 to 12 individual scenes, depending on available artists, creeps, and actors. The trail will be dimly illuminated, enough that guests can see where to walk but not enough to fully illuminate the surrounding area or expose too much of the behind-the-scenes magic. Small generators (approx. 2000W) will be stationed along the trail for minimal electrical components and extra lighting. One section of the trail runs along a dune ridge with a steep edge on one side, proper precautions are made to ensure safety along this section of the trail. Temperatures will likely be in the 40s and rain is always a possibility. No open fires are allowed in any scene, if you want a fiery effect you’ll have to get creative!

BUDGET & AMENITIES: Artists will be provided a fee of $500 with a $300 budget for materials. Room and board will be provided for all artists in residence during their time on campus.

ON-SITE RESOURCES: There are resources available on-site both in the way of materials and studio space. Props and materials from previous haunted houses are available for reuse. Welders will be available for use in the Metals Studio. There are also a number of resourceful staff at Ox-Bow that can help source materials for artists in residence.

ELIGIBILITY: Artists 18+ of all backgrounds, disciplines, career stages, and those who don’t identify as artists are encouraged to apply.

HOW TO APPLY & DEADLINE: Proposals are to be submitted through Submittable. Sketches, plans, audio, images or video are encouraged but not required. Documentation of projects that provide examples of similar skill-sets and ability to execute the installation as proposed are required. If you don’t have traditional documentation of your work, please contact Mac Akin as below.

Application deadline: All applications must be submitted by September 10, 2021

Project timeline: 1 week residency, arrive on Sunday Oct 24 - depart on Monday Nov 1

Dates of Ox-Bow Goes to Hell: Oct 29, Ox-Bow Goes to Hell: Haunted Cabins + Spooky Trail; Oct 30, Ox-Bow Goes to Hell: Haunted Cabins + Spooky Trail + Graveyard Rave; Oct 31, Ox-Bow Goes to Heck: Matinee haunt for the whole family

For further information or questions email Mac Akin:

Deadline: 09.09.2021
Name: Mac Akin
Address: 3435 Rupprecht Way
Phone: 269-857-5811