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Quaranzine: An interdisciplinary, online variety show and magazine!

Third Estate Art seeks submissions for Quaranzine, a brand new interdisciplinary online magazine. Our goal is to take everything that’s special about our in-person salons and put it into a virtual variety show where you can engage with us and each other about the cool stuff you’re looking at. We’re interested in any kind of art with an underlying social justice theme, or any kind of (progressive) activist work you’d like an eclectic audience for.

We’ll take submissions of poems, stories, essays, Bandcamp links, visual art, artist talks, performances, instructional videos, comics, and anything else that we can reasonably put into this format. Payment is $20, and you can check out the terms of the publication contract at

Email to submit!

Deadline: 05.30.2020
Name: Cortney Philip
Address: 1823 W Touhy Ave
Phone: 3126599952