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Paula Grahmann

Quarantined? Submit a short dance!

In these trying times, we all need some ART to help us cope, so I would love to have you participate in a project I'm calling WtFH: a combination of WTF and WFH - two acronyms I'm seeing everywhere the past few days. The premise:
Make a 60-second bit of choreography created, performed, and videoed in the place where you are stuck during this quarantine (your home office? kitchen? living room couch? alley behind a coffee shop because you don't have wifi at home?). Use the motifs of the time: 6 steps backwards (for the 6 ft of recommended space between people), hand-washing, elbow over your mouth, what I like to call the "laptop hunch." Set it to a song that's meaningful to you in this situation - maybe you've got a song on repeat that helps you stay sane, or something that helps you daydream of sunlit fields or social gatherings, or something really angry or depressed - whatever speaks to you.
I will gather the videos and use them as 1) a daily Instagram/Facebook post and later 2) a longer film of a curated set of the videos I receive.
When you submit your video, please include your Insta handle, your name as you would like it posted, and the company you dance for (if you'd like to plug them, too). Please send something I can download (for instance, a YouTube link wouldn't be great, because I don't have it in hand) - so Dropbox, Google Drive, a simple video file, etc - to

Deadline: 04.17.2020
Name: Paula Grahmann
Address: 2419 W Arthington St
Phone: 6087723384