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Carron Little

Public Performances: Open Air 2022

Public Performance Art program in collaboration with Rotterdam, Netherlands

Out of Site Chicago is inviting applications from local, national, and international performance artists, to create public performances in outdoor places on the West and North neighborhoods of Chicago, USA. We will select seven local Chicago artists and one international artist. Out of Site prioritizes work that is interactive, socially engaged, that facilitates a deeply meaningful experience with the diverse public. Open Air is in partnership with Chicago Park District, Nights Out in the Parks, and WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Proposed public performances will be part of this intercity collaboration. Out of Site is looking to support artists whose concept of public performance and engagement is broad and outside the box. The concept of this festival is to facilitate surprise public performances with diverse audiences in outdoor places throughout the month of September to October 2022.

To apply please fill this online submission form:

Deadline: 04.19.2022
Name: Carron Little
Address: 3200 West Carrol Ave
Phone: 7733839951