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Visual Art ,
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Santina Amato

Portraits of Women With Their Weight in Dough

Portraits of Women With Their Weight In Dough is an on-going photographic and video series inviting women from diverse backgrounds to labor in the creation of and to pose with, their weight in dough. Portraits of Women With Their Weight In Dough is an important project that engages with the current political climate of oppression against women by conservatives. My research has focused on feminism & psychoanalytical thinking through an emotional & corporeal lens, bringing attention to the internal affects of the external political forces placed on women; bringing the inside, out. By inviting women into this project, a collaborative & participatory process to the art making experience results. This series incorporates the ‘ritual of making’ among women that has been sustained since antiquity. The dough is made onsite & the female participant partakes in the creation. The work creates a dialogue between the participants, myself as the artist, the audience & social systems in regards to women’s relationship to public/private within contemporary society. I am asking women to respond to the project, in their own words, as to why they want to be a part of this series. I am not looking for a perfectly succinct response, nor an academic essay (although these are welcome too!). What I am looking for is a visceral response, a ‘need’ to be a part of this project. Why does this project interest you personally? The portrait will take place within your domestic environment, a setting that is personal. The dough is time sensitive and will require a team to create the dough onsite. I will have all the logistics worked out for this to happen (I will be employing two women to help create the dough while a photographer will be on hand to take care of the camera requirements) and I want you to be rest assured, clean up is easy and will be handled by my team. For those that are concerned, dough does not stick to fabric: it rolls off leaving no trace. The dough will stick to your body as it reacts to the heat you generate but is easily washed out. I ask that you allocate one full day for the work to be done in your home. YOU MUST BE LOCATED IN CHICAGO! Five portraits in total, will be created from this call out. If you are interested in having your portrait created and being a part of this project, please fill in the form below. Google form linked below. I look forward to reading your response! APPLICATIONS FOR THIS PROJECT CLOSE APRIL 30TH, 2019. This project is partially supported by a City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, 2019 Individual Artist Program Grant.
Deadline: 04.29.2019
Name: Santina Amato
Address: Chicago, IL
Phone: 347 619 4838