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Visual Art ,
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Emerald Pitts

Passages - Call for Submissions

Passages is an invitation for artists to bear testament to liminality. Artists whose works examine moments of transition, or whose practices exist in these spaces, are asked to submit their visual, written, and time based works. Passages will exist as an online exhibition as well as a printed publication.

This is the first exhibition and project by the Cook Station Arts Collective, a non-profit organization which promotes cultural exchange and accessibility to the arts in rural communities. Makers from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply as we curate an exhibition that features works from those who are self taught as well as professionally trained. 

Our sliding-scale application fee goes towards the printing of the exhibition, and any additional funds will go towards future programming conducted by CSAC to facilitate communal learning and arts accessibility. All artists whose works are selected for the exhibition will receive a printed copy of the exhibit. Please pay what you can afford, between $5-$20, via the donation link included on our website. Include your PayPal username with your application materials in an email sent to, along with any questions you may have. If you would like to submit works to this exhibition but are experiencing financial hardship, please contact us to have the application fee waived.

Application Guidelines:

Accepted media:

Submissions may take the form of visual art (either 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional), writing (prose, poetry, short stories, theory, etc.), or time based media (video, new media, animation, sound, etc.). As this exhibition will take form as both a publication and a website, formatting will differ between the two spaces, especially for time based work (for example, video work may be accessible on the website in its entirety, while stills and/or text from the video would be shown in the publication).

For visual art:

You may submit 1 to 10 documentation images. These images can be of up to 10 different works, or they can be of a few works with multiple images for each work. You can also submit a PDF with all 10 images on it. Images ideally should be at 300ppi resolution and at least 3 x 5 inches in size, but not required. JPEG, TIFF, or PNG images are preferred. If you have any questions about image specifications feel free to contact us.

For writing:

We recommend up to 5 pages of text, but suggest shorter entries. Any writing is acceptable, from poetry, to prose, to experimental forms. We will reach out to you if we would like to use an excerpt from the overall submission, and we’ll work with you to decide that.

For time-based work:

As stated above, time based work will take on different forms between the publication and the website version of the exhibition. Please send an accessible link to any video/sound/etc. work (such as youtube, vimeo, bandcamp, soundcloud). You can also submit a video/sound file or stills if you’d like. If we have any issues with your submission, we will reach out to you.

Other required and optional submission items:


Artist statement or bio. This should be a written statement about your work and who you are as an artist. 150-500 words


CV or resume

Deadline: 06.09.2021
Name: Emerald Pitts
Address: 41 Delcour Rd
Phone: 5732051975