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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Sarah Umles

OPEN CALL: Small Sculptures + Artist Books/Zines

1. a space that intervenes between things

a: especially one between closely spaced things
ie. interstices of a wall

b: a gap or break in something generally continuous
ie. the interstices of society

2. a short space of time between events

Interstice: An Alternative Exhibition of Small Sculptures and Artist Books/Zines

Open call for small sculptures and/or artist books + zines to be exhibited in a 2-week experimental group exhibition, set to take place at a vibrant artist residency space in Minnesota from May 15-31.

About the Exhibition
Interstice is an experimental and interventionist curatorial project, conceptualized and juried by Los Angeles-based artist & independent curator Sarah Umles. Artwork submissions should touch on the theme of interstices (interstitial spaces, moments, identities, philosophies, etc.). Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme broadly.

Selected works will be displayed in dialogue with one another, as well as with the architecture of the artist residency house and with the goings-on of this active, creative space in Minnesota—a space that itself is an interstice between an intimate living environment and a highly trafficked public exhibition space.

Selected works will primarily be displayed on a narrow roving cart that will be moved to various interstitial spaces around the public exhibition space and residency house throughout the two-week run of the show. Given the unique format of this itinerant exhibition, we expect that the artworks will receive a high level of exposure to new audiences. Exhibiting artists will also be invited to participate in a virtual program to take place in mid-to-late May, during which they will each have the opportunity to share a mini artist talk about their work. All in all, this is an excellent opportunity to get your work in front of more eyes—including curators, other artists, collectors, and the general public!

Guidelines & Expectations
 Dimensions of submitted work must be no larger than 6"W x 20"D x 10"H.
Sculptures and artist books/zines in any medium are welcome so long as they fit within the dimensions listed above.
Artists may submit up to 3 artworks for consideration.
Completed works only, please; in-progress projects will not be considered due to the tight timeframe of the exhibition.
Participating artists can expect that their work will be exposed to a broad and diverse audience.
• There is no expectation that the artworks be listed as available for purchase, but if we do receive any sales inquiries, they will be directed to the artist so that 100% of the profits go to you!
The cost of shipping/drop-off to and from the exhibition site in Shafer, Minnesota will be the sole responsibility of the artist.
Artists will be asked to participate in a virtual panel and to briefly talk about their work.


(No fee to apply or participate)

Deadline: 04.27.2021
Name: Sarah Umles
Address: Shafer, MN 55074
Phone: 5625474056