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Carron Little

Open Call for Public Performance/Civic Engagement Projects

Out of Site Chicago – PUBLIC PERFORMANCE IN CHICAGO in August 2021/ CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PROJECT from June to October, 2021.
(For Local Illinois Artists only)
Out of Site (OoS) is inviting applications from local Illinois artists to create unexpected encounters of public performance in urban space and civic engagment projects. OoS prioritizes work that is interactive and fosters a meaningful exchange with the publics. We invite artists to choose urban locations that resonate with their work and to create the minimum of a two hour performance or a durational work.

As a festival we do not have themes but in consideration of this time and moment we will be prioritizing work that is relevant to our times, and provides access to healing and re-grounding. However, when selecting artists we want to support a performance or civic engagement project that is part of the performance artist or dancers oeuvre and will contribute to their ongoing research and investigation. We are also interested in proposals that are socially engaged or engage the public in unexpected forms to provide unique cultural experiences for our diverse publics.

Out of Site trains a steward team to assist in each performance and in consideration of our pandemic times we will be prioritizing your health and safety and the H&S of the publics. All performances will be live streamed and we actively encourage applications for BIPOC & LGBTQ artists whose work addresses concepts of race, gendered identities, class, ethnicity, differently abled bodies and age. The festival is scheduled to happen in the month of August 2021 and we will select up to 20 proposals. Innovative or unique performances and or public engagement projects are strongly encouraged.

Jury Panel
Martine Viale (France), ieke Trinks (Netherlands), Jeremy Pauly (Belgium), Sara Zalek (Chicago, USA), Carron Little (USA/UK), & Chicago Park District Representative.

Local Illinois Artists Submission:
Artist Stipend: Between $250 for solo performances and up to $1000 for four performances.
Public Engagement Proposal Project budget of up to $5000 per artist

Submission Requirements:
Please submit proposals in one single PDF labeled with you name to
with Public Performance/ Civic Engagement Project in the Subject line.

Please include the following:
Artist Bio (if accepted this will be published on our website)
Artist Statement
Resume (4 page maximum)
A detailed description of the public performance and or public engagement project in one paragraph
Please refer to a location or neighborhood you wish to work in
The number of performers and tech requirements
Five images of relevant work, or link to one 5min video and artist website.
A proposed budget for performance/ or public engagement project

Deadline: 03.07.2021
Name: Carron Little
Address: Out of Site, 3200 West Carrol St, Garfield Park
Phone: 773 383 9951