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Francesca Sassu

Open Call 2024 - Sardinia Island, Italy

Nocefresca is a residency that brings together artists, designers, writers, composers and creative nomads from around the world. 

Our objective is for artists to focus on their projects while experiencing the inspiring environment of Sardinia island, Italy, rich in nature, history and culture.
Away from the constraints of everyday life and far enough from the pressures of big cities, each participant can have access to a fully equipped workplace, accommodations and professional support.

As a Nocefresca resident, you will be encouraged to self-direct your research with curatorial assistance, initiate new projects and explore original ways of working. Together with you, there will be other artists constituting a vibrant small community of different ages and geographical origins.
In this way, artists will have access to the experiences and activities that best support their artistic growth. With Nocefresca, participants can find professional support for the development of their projects regardless of the outcome, even in the delicate initial phase when any result is still uncertain.

Stemming from an exploration of the artists’ practices and interests, Nocefresca designs a tailored programme of activities that reflects the unique locations and creative opportunities available in Sardinia. This allows participants to delve into their work as a self-directed experience with weekly opportunities to engage with the other residents and local community through collective activities, conversations, workshops, explorations of the local cultural scene, visiting guests and much more.

We are happy to announce our 2024 Open Call to the Nocefresca Residency Program.

15th September 2023

7th October 2023

Milis, Sardinia (Italy)


Name: Francesca Sassu
Address: Nocefresca di Sassu Francesca, Via Diaz, 18 Milis (OR)
Phone: 3402640505