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Danielle Eady

Oak Spring Garden Foundation's Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence

The Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence is awarded annually by The Oak Spring Garden Foundation (OSGF) to one outstanding, early-career artist who is developing new works that address plants, gardens, or landscapes in the broad sense. This award is open to visual artists, literary artists, dancers, and musicians. The award includes a $10,000 individual grant and requires a 2 - 5 week stay at Oak Spring. While at OSGF, the Fellow will be able to meet with staff, explore their 700-acre landscape, see their efforts in sustainable land management, and visit the rare book library that holds over 19,000 objects, including many examples of botanical art.  

OSGF intends to award the Fellowship to an exceptional artist whose works show remarkable promise to contribute to a deeper understanding of the natural world and humankind’s place in it.

Eligible applicants must be early-career artists not enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in 2024. OSGF will consider individuals with a proven track record of professionalism, but who are yet under-recognized, as early-career. Eligible early-career applicants will have some recognition in the form of exhibitions, commissions, performances, grant awards, residencies, fellowships and/or publications.

Individuals who have participated in an extensive number of solo exhibitions, or who have published a significant number of books will be considered established or late-career, and are not eligible for the Eliza Moore Fellowship. We encourage those who are not eligible for this Fellowship to apply for the Interdisciplinary Residency.

The successful Fellow must be self-directed and able to work independently while onsite. Applicants are expected to show dedication to their artistic practice, a clear connection to the natural world in their work, exceptional promise, and good communication skills.

Name: Danielle Eady
Address: 1776 Loughborough Lane / Upperville, VA 20184
Phone: 5405923159