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MESHCall for Photography + Contemporary ArtCurated by Rebecca Morse (LACMA) + Linsey Young (Tate)February 28 Submission Deadline *Early Bird discount until Dec 31, 2018* 7 years after FotoFilmic's first call for entries (FOTOFILMIC13) we bring photographers and all visual artists a new exciting articulation to present their work together and shape an open contemporary space of vision outside traditional media boundaries. Meet MESH: FotoFilmic's new annual exhibition call now the collaborative fruit of two highly regarded professional curators of photography and contemporary art: for this first edition we welcome Rebecca Morse (Curator, Wallis Annenberg Photography Department, LACMA, Los Angeles) and Linsey Young (Curator, British Contemporary Art, Tate Britain, London). Opening today and running through February 28, the MESH curators will shortlist 10 Photographers + 10 Visual Artists with two final winners to exhibit their selected work in a groundbreaking, meshed format in Vancouver in 2020! MESH Winners will receive $5K in Exhibition Grants sponsored by the Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation toward exhibition costs and be published in print in an exhibition catalogue with forewords by the curators. LOCATIONVancouver, BC, Canada AWARDS$5000 (2x$2,500 Exhibition Grants) EVALUATION CRITERIAPhotography Entries by LACMA Curator Rebecca MorseVisual Arts Entries by Tate Curator Linsey Young ELIGIBILITYAll photographic + visual arts artists aged 18+ from all nationalitiesEligible disciplines include photography on the one hand, and visual arts on the other (painting, drawing, printmaking, video, filmmaking, sculpture, mixed media and installations REQUIREMENTSWork entered must originate from analogue capture, processes or media (for instance as the first utterance of the work). This however doesn’t mean a digitization step further down the artists’ production strategies cannot occur: FotoFilmic is well aware of today’s complex, often highly hybridized art production standards and will thus gladly accept artworks and photography entries with a digital component to them. A simple way to think about work eligibility for MESH is to have material media predominate overall your art process. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONSThis is a themed call: for this first MESH edition the theme is 'RedShift'. Borrowed from astronomy and the Big Bang theory, a redshift happens when light observed from very distant objects shifts to the red end of the spectrum signalling an increase in distance from earth (stars move away as the universe expands). This phenomena of red light dimming away in space & time lays the ground for the call’s conceptual and allegorical framework inviting photography and visual arts works focused on urgent contemporary issues.
Deadline: 02.28.2019
Tags: art, contemporary art, Visual Arts, photography, Analog photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, call for art, video, exhibition, installation, Printmaking, Mixed Media, grants, awards, curators
Name: Bastien Doria
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