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LUX Group Exhibition at Gallery Gallery CALL FOR ART, WRITING

Now Accepting Submissions for our group exhibition LUX

For our next exhibition, Lux (latin for light), we welcome interpretations in all mediums and all forms. Light can reference hope, fresh beginnings, a new way of seeing. Post tenebras lux, (after darkness, light) may reference a new start, such as emerges with vernal equinox post winter. In darkness can we find hope for change? “Only in darkness can we see the stars.” (MLK JR.) After a winter of germination, let us celebrate with all things Lux. What does Spring mean for you? Show us!

Gallery Gallery is an online gallery based out of Madison, Wi. We are founded on the questions, what does it mean to be an artist, what is considered a work of art? What is considered to be a gallery?

Deadline: 03.31.2021
Name: Caroline
Address: PO BOX 5502, Madison, Wi. 53705
Phone: 608-395-4285